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About Throwing Wrenches: Throwing Wrenches is a group of recording artists that formed in Northern California in 1995.

Members include: Vocal/Guitar: Joey Wilson, Vocal/Guitar: Patrick McIntosh, Bass: James Warren, Chris Connelly: Percussion, James Groff: Drums

All songs are ©1995 with the US Copyright and Patent Office including the songs available free to download on this webpage and on CD.

Yes, We are the original that is why we have the URL "" and the kids biting our band name had to settle for the URL "". They were still in diapers while we were making records. As far as who creates better sound, you be the judge.


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Throwing Wrenches: Frog Ninja Release & The Chico Days


Frog Ninja

Back in the Day

Green Flag 4 U

Take a Stand

Paid In Full


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